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We  are  one  of   the   leading   Manufacturer -  Exporter  of  Ferro   Alloys  with    yearly turn  over more  than  Rs.1500 Cores and having   our  plants at Burdwan and  Durgapur  in  West Bengal, India .

The  SHYAM FERRO ALLOYS  was established in 1995 and has  experience  of  14 years  in steel, alloy  steel  and  stainless  industries with  a beautiful  track record  of  manufacturing quality products in India.

SHYAM FERRO ALLOY  has earned  an appreciative clientele in Indian  market  as well  as  in  entire  world  market.  Our  product   has  reached   to  almost  all    big   consumers    all    over  the  globe   directly   or   indirectly. 

 We  are    also   using   best  quality  of   raw   material   including    Manganese  Ore  procuring  from   the   different   parts   of    the  world   specially   from  Australia,  Gabon, South   Africa,   Brazil   etc. 

We  are also  Manufacturer  of  Stainless  Steels and  Alloy Steels  in  Eastern  India.   We   have  been    facilitated   ISO  9001: 2008 certificate      issued     by NQAQSR  Certification  Pty  Ltd.

Maintaining consistent quality and Customer's satisfaction is our main motto. We are dedicated to satisfy the customerís need by supplying Quality Product within the stipulated time.

The  finished  product is in the  form of metal cakes of  Ferro Manganese, Silico Manganese,   Ferro Chrome and other products. They are broken into the  required size and further screened to  ensure   perfect   size   as   per   the   requirement   of  customers.   The   sized    metal   is  transported to the specified area in stockyards. The appropriate work instruction  for    metal  handling   are   followed   every  day.  Before the final despatch to the Customer we are  getting  it  retested by   Internationally  reputed  Third  Party  to ensure the proper product for our  customers .    
We   are   manufacturing   Ferro  Alloys   since   the  year   1997  and   have  been awarded  Special  achievement   Award   from  EEPC  Govt.  of  India   for  export   of    Ferro  Alloys. 
We   are manufacturing   different grades of    Silico    Manganese,     Ferro   Manganese , Ferro Chrome and Stainless Steel (200,300 & 400 series) in Billets, Round & Flat Format.  Our Total  production  capacity  is   around  200000 MT per  annum.  Due   to   total    integration  cost  of   our production   is  much  lower than  other Ferro Alloys / Alloy Steel Units. 

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